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New Collected Poems By Wendell Berry New Collected Poems In Wendell Berry s upcoming The New Collected Poems the poet revisits for the first time his immensely popular Collected Poems which The New York Times Book Review described as a straight forward se
  • Title: New Collected Poems
  • Author: Wendell Berry
  • ISBN: 9781582438153
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • New Collected Poems By Wendell Berry
    New Collected Poems By Wendell Berry In Wendell Berry s upcoming The New Collected Poems, the poet revisits for the first time his immensely popular Collected Poems, which The New York Times Book Review described as a straight forward search for a life connected to the soil, for marriage as a sacrament and family life that affirms a style that is resonant with the authentic, and returns American poetryIn Wendell Berry s upcoming The New Collected Poems, the poet revisits for the first time his immensely popular Collected Poems, which The New York Times Book Review described as a straight forward search for a life connected to the soil, for marriage as a sacrament and family life that affirms a style that is resonant with the authentic, and returns American poetry to a Wordsworthian clarity of purpose In The New Collected Poems, Berry reprints the nearly two hundred pieces in Collected Poems, along with the poems from his most recent collections Entries, Given, and Leavings to create an expanded collection, showcasing the work of a man heralded by The Balti Sun as a sophisticated, philosophical poet in the line descending from Emerson and Thoreau a major poet of our time Wendell Berry is the author of over forty works of poetry, fiction, and non fiction, and has been awarded numerous literary prizes, including the T.S Eliot Award, a National Institute of Arts and Letters award for writing, the American Academy of Arts and Letters Jean Stein Award, and a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship While he began publishing work in the 1960s, Booklist has written that Berry has become ever prophetic, clearly standing up to the test of time.
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      Wendell Berry is a conservationist, farmer, essayist, novelist, professor of English and poet He was born August 5, 1934 in Henry County, Kentucky where he now lives on a farm The New York Times has called Berry the prophet of rural America.

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    • Not long ago I saw an interview of Peter Matthiessen in which he was asked which writers he admires The first he mentioned was Wendell Berry His saying that was gratifying to me because Berry is one of 3 poets I ve recently become attracted to because of his pastoral sensitivity, whose work creates a recognizable reality through the reflection of it But it was also the way Matthiessen spoke of him I thought interesting he called him a man in Kentucky who speaks the truth And I recognized at once [...]

    • I checked this out on impulse at the library from a display Prior to this, I had no familiarity with Wendell Berry as a poet I had only a vague familiarity with him as a novelist, essayist, and lover of nature While reading it, I began post it flagging my favorite poems, only to find that I ended up with dozens of flags jutting out from the pages Berry encapsulates much of the human experience in eloquent yet simple terms that speak to me Window Poems, for example, gives a glimpse of his life as [...]

    • Wendell Berry takes the reader into the hillside farmland of Henry County, Kentucky to connect both himself and his readers with what is authentic in life He removes the false notes of what passes for poetry what is often jumbled, arrogant, and pretentious reflections of a poet in a mirror to remind us that when properly cultivated words, like the soil can yield a bountiful harvest These poems remind us of the beauty we can be rewarded with when we take the time to live responsibly and with open [...]

    • I was preconditioned to love this collection Wendell Berry is among my favorite writers of poetry, short story, novel, essay and this volume gathers together some of the best poems of his career.If you ve heard friends rave about the man s work but haven t yet gotten your feet wet in it, this is a good place to start Don t read it from cover to cover, but dip in at random spots and splash around a little.

    • My friend gave me this book At a time when I needed it, this book gave me peace.It is poetry of the earth The plowing and the harvest The weight of the rocks and of the trees It is sometimes drought and sometimes flood.It is poetry of people His family, his neighbors, writers he knows and the shared craft.It is poetry of time Months, seasons, generations History and the future.I will be reading it over and over again.

    • A book that best lives on your nightstand, to be relished a few pages at a time, read aloud with the wife of your youth Or so I found it to be.

    • Wendell Berry s poetry changes how I think about life, about faith, about creation, and about community I have intentionally read through this book as slowly as possible, only breaking it open when I am in a quiet or beautiful setting My only disappointment was finishing it.

    • I arrived at the last page of this book of poems last night but am not finished with the book In fact, I am not finished with any of the Wendell Berry books that I ve read He writes in a simple, logical way that causes me to slow down and think, and wrestle and ponder His works sticks with me and draws me back for reference The bookseller that sold me this book matter of factly stated, The world would be a better place if everyone would read a Wendell Berry book I agree.Here are some of my favor [...]

    • Even love must pass through loneliness, All that has come to ushas come as the river comes,given in passing away To love is to suffer did Iknow this when firstI asked you for your love I did not And yet untilI knew, I could not know whatI asked, or gave I gavea suffering that I took yoursand mine, mine when yours and yours I have feared most You look at me, you givea light, which I bear andreturn,and we are held, and allour time is held, in thistouching look this touchthat, pressed against the t [...]

    • Wendell Berry is one of those poets you hear about, whose name sound like a poet s name, whose work promises to be a return to the good dark loam of rural life and verse, but you never seem to get around to reading anything substantial by the man He is an accomplished poet but this 400 page book does not help his cause There are too many long poems whose themes get lost in a morass of serious thoughts, somewhat like having and centric old guy lecture at you about life and death and marriage On t [...]

    • If there is such a thing as Father Earth, then this natural, mystic poet surely must be it Berry s collected poems cover a significant time frame, spanning almost 40 years We delve deep into American roots we become farmers, family, lovers and caretakers of the land Berry mourns for his fallen beloved, he wages war against the very act of war, and he begs us to maintain an environment that we can all thrive within His poetry is a communion with one another and he asks us to embrace the earth wit [...]

    • Wendell Berry is one of the under rated poets of the last 50 years His new collection of his best over that time demonstrates time and again his deep connection with the land, his profound but complex religious faith, and his lyrical ear His poems can be read and appreciated by those who regularly read verse and those who seldom do.That accessibility and his impatience with artifice in poetry or politics may suggest why some in the academic world ignore or disparage his writing.The later collec [...]

    • What can I say It s been almost four months that I ve been reading this book of poetry It motivates me to actually read Dante s Divine Comedy It inspired me to writing my own poems And it was overall a great way to unhurriedly read and put beautiful images into my mind I ve been reading Berry s poetry continually for over a year now and I m so glad someone told me to Wendell Berry is one of my favorite writers, and he is probably one of the most important people writing today in my opinion He hu [...]

    • This new collection encompasses eleven previous books of poetry Some I found inaccessible Others I want to memorize I smiled at the irony of reading stay away from screens as I read this book on my Kindle I smiled at the two line poem entitled Seventy Years Well, anyhow, I am not going to die young.Death is the subject of many poems death, funerals, remembering, membership I don t foresee me reading through this book again, but I will revisit my favorites Her First Calf , At a Country Funeral , [...]

    • Wendell Berry is an enormously accomplished poet, and when writing of his love for his wife or his family or the landscape surrounding his farm, his poetry is brilliant and profound But his poem rants never have the resonance of his other pieces, and all too often when he does write of his wife, or of social issues, I find that his implied views of women would exclude me from the world he s building Still, his absolutist stand against change of all kinds and in all contexts is vastly overwhelmed [...]

    • These words are scenes of human simplicity, of which we re all composed Such is who we truly are no matter our efforts to feel ourselves complex These words, then, are touch points with reality, contacts with what it means to be a human being in God s grand masterpiece We find ourselves coming back to this simple state of being and Berry has provided a simple road map My favorite poems are the rural stories, the ones where it feels like Berry and I are out in the meadow and he s telling me abou [...]

    • I read this over a lengthy period of time, a poem or two a day My book has so many dog eared pages that they are almost meaningless Somehow, by grace, I see clearly because of Berry s insights into the ordinariness of life.

    • I adore Wendell Berry s work, and this was no different Poems ranged from 1964 2004 As he got older, his wit became drier, but all of the poems were great As with all his writing, you have to quiet your mind, pay attention read each word You ll enjoy the journey.

    • Wendell Berry is a modern day prophet warning us against the desecration of our natural resources, especially the land These poem are sobering to read A good example is To My Children, Fearing for Them, p 66.

    • The poet philosopher expounds on his love for his wife, his neighbors, his community, his country, and his world Enlightening and inspiring.

    • If you ve never read any Wendell Berry poetry, this book is a great place to start It collects poems from a bunch of his previous releases into a single place.

    • I hadn t read any Wendell Berry since high school AP English This gorgeous collection reminded me of exactly why he spoke so deeply to my heart then So happy to have rediscovered his poetry.

    • I love Wendell Berry but checking this collection out from the library proved frustrating This is the sort of book that you need on your bookshelf to return to over and over again, whenever the spirit moves you I had the hardest time getting through all of these poems because I wanted to sit with various ones and let them work their magic on me I had to renew the book and I did complete the task of reading the collection in its entirety I returned the book but now will purchase my own copy so I [...]

    • The shorter poems are often wonderful, breathtaking even I marked quiet a few for another read But the longer poems, of which there are many in this tome, feel weighted down and sometimes lecturing in nature Perhaps because of era and so forth, there is an element of underlying sexism that grows wearying for me and holds the poems back from a universal appeal.

    • In a college class many years ago, we had a day where everyone had to select a poem to share One of the young men in my class shared a Wendell Berry poem At the time, I found it simple no rhymes and for months I wondered why he had selected that poem After years and years of reading poetry, I have wound my way down a very narrow track with the likes of Wendell Berry at the end There are so many beautiful poems in this book, written with the quiet intimacy of a story told in an arm in arm walk on [...]

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