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Servitude By Rebecca Cohen Servitude Lornyc Reagalos future High Lord of the city of Katraman enjoys his life as a student even if he has to keep his relationship with Methian Hadral heir to the throne of Xenetra a secret Unfortunat
  • Title: Servitude
  • Author: Rebecca Cohen
  • ISBN: 9781613725351
  • Page: 130
  • Format: ebook
  • Servitude By Rebecca Cohen
    Servitude By Rebecca Cohen Lornyc Reagalos, future High Lord of the city of Katraman, enjoys his life as a student, even if he has to keep his relationship with Methian Hadral, heir to the throne of Xenetra, a secret Unfortunately, Lornyc isn t just any royal student he s also the grandson of an infamous magic user named Romanus Reagalos, and his grandfather s wild youth is about to catch up with hLornyc Reagalos, future High Lord of the city of Katraman, enjoys his life as a student, even if he has to keep his relationship with Methian Hadral, heir to the throne of Xenetra, a secret Unfortunately, Lornyc isn t just any royal student he s also the grandson of an infamous magic user named Romanus Reagalos, and his grandfather s wild youth is about to catch up with him Unknown to anyone else, Romanus saw fit to sign his grandson into the life of a valet Specifically, Methian s valet.The contract and the strain it puts on his relationship with Methian is just the start of Lornyc s troubles Though the Reagalos family was once famous for its magic, Lornyc s father never showed any aptitude, and Lornyc hasn t either though that doesn t make the next contract, the one that says Lornyc must learn to use his latent powers, any less binding When Lornyc learns of a plot to remove his father from power, he finds himself racing against time If he can t master his magic and identify the leader of the plot, he stands to lose everything he knows and loves his parents, his rank, and Methian.
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      I m a Brit abroad Having swapped the Thames for the Rhine, I have left London behind and now live with my husband and toddler son in Basel, Switzerland I can often be found with a pen in one hand and a cup of Darjeeling in the other.Feel free to drop in at my blog rebeccacohenwrites blog

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    • 5 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressLornyc is not happy to learn that he has to pay for his grandfather s debts, especially as it makes him a valet for an awfully long time But, that isn t the end of his problems, he also has to learn to master his powers to their full extent which he doubts and his family learns of a plot to assassinate his father With the help of family, friends, his grandfather s old friend and his lover, Lornyc must get to the bottom of [...]

    • 4.5 starsThis was somewhat of a gem, since I ve wanted to give up on buying Dreamspinner books with drawn covers Seriously I m surprised this book doesn t have reviews Rebecca Cohen was a new author to me so I was a bit aprehensive before reading this one and actually nearly gave it a miss, since it didn t have all that much reviews to go with it.Luckily I have a thing for good written novels featuring royalty and this one had a forced bond so it made me curious enought to give it a go.First th [...]

    • The original curse was extremely complex, not to mention it was supposed to last a decade I am a little disappointed the way it ended There was almost nothing to the whole thing and no real explanation behind it Hence four stars.

    • I really liked this book Hence, the fact I read it in one sitting It started off really well, with quite an intriguing plot line and a very cute and loveable relationship between the two MCs But then, a few things started to irk me.A bit into the book, the relationship as it s already established from the very beginning started to give way to the plot I totally don t mind this, the plot really was quite interesting But then I didn t expect the relationship to change as well I don t know It seem [...]

    • Wow this book is seriosly overated on It s either that or my expectations were too high because of the pretty cover and interesting summary To be fair, I think that if this were the second book in a trilogy it would have been great Otherwise you can barely make sense of the beginning as it s a bit of an info dump with very quick transitions and the ending is probably the best part as you finally find out enough to be intrigued and the protagonists are starting to feel fleshed out.There are way t [...]

    • Some thoughts about this bookI like it, but didn t love it The fantasy world is well done, but didn t convince me as a brand new world The main characters are very interesting, but I didn t think it s the best couple I ever read probably because the story started with both already ahead of me ok, let me explain better I like when a couple is already established in a story, but sometimes It s almost as if I m a intrude in their world, not part of it I like when I feel what the characters are feel [...]

    • This book had a lot of really great elements for me The plot was very intricate and the characters were very well developed Lornyc Reagalos, future High Lord of the city of Katraman, learns that his grandfather has signed a series of magically binding contracts that come into play when Lornyc comes of age Lornyc is forced to fulfill the terms of the contract that his grandfather signed before he died.The most intrusive contract is 10 years of servitude to Methian Hadral, heir to the throne of Xe [...]

    • I had the pleasure of beta reading this book It s a beautifully crafted novel Ms Cohen has a lovely writing style, clean and elegant The story is set in a fantasy universe, but the emotions and relationships are entirely human ones Her two main characters are so clearly meant for each other, in spite of their very different personalities and talents In spite of all of the obstacles that threaten to come between them, their love grows stronger and matures.The political intrigue is well done, too, [...]

    • So, I have a hard time explaining how I felt about this book As escapist fun, it was definitely that The story was continually moving and didn t ever get boring or anything like that The writing, however, was sort of under my reading level and because of that detracted a lot from the enjoyment I felt that Lornyc never really had to overcome much, as even when things were supposed to be difficult for him, he sort of breezed through it all I never got the sense he could fail, and usually I like to [...]

    • Best word for this book Boring I expect from the fantasy at list a little bit of sense of wonder, and this book handle magic in a casual and mundane way Somehow romance and the rest of the plot were separated I was not able to feel anything for protagonists Focus switches too much, and it s really annoying in here.

    • dreamspinners It s tweetaway time Get Servitude by R_Cohen_writes for FREE for the next hour t HYQUjDn2Sb s 2fpVEnds noon EST 11 13 14

    • 9 16 14TBH I just really wanted a gay Toraware no Minue, and that s pm what this kind of is shrug Also wait a minuteIf he s going around disintegrating carbon everywhere, isn t he flooding whichever room he s in with carbon gas, which would then presumably bind with oxygen to form CO2 And there you go Think of all the carbon emissions this guy is creating Way to cause global warming.2 6 2013Hoo boy, what a pretty, pretty piece.This book explores several interesting dynamics It s almost a huge as [...]

    • Stuff I Read Servitude by Rebecca Cohen ReviewSo my wife got this book for a gift from me a while ago, and ever since I have been curious to check it out I m a bit of a fan of romances than she is, and so this book appeals to me not only because it is a romance, but because it is a fantasy romance, which is even better I often lament the fact that there don t seem to be all that many really good fantasy romance series, that we have to make due with either normal romances or things like paranor [...]

    • Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews This was the beginning of a good fantasy series I caution readers that it may be worth waiting for book two to come out before starting this one because there are numerous loose ends at the end of this book that leave you wanting answers The Reagalos family has always produced a High Lord to rule most of whom have had magical ability The current High Lord Tancorix has no magical abilities and so is a sitting duck just waiting to be picked off by his [...]

    • This book is a raw diamond.The story, premise and the characters are well thought out but they just aren t fleshed out Everything the characters do seems superficial and you really can t connect with any of the characters, except Methian He was the only character consistent in his personality, for the rest I really couldn t get a hold of who they were trying to be.This book strictly tells a story without delving into the nuances of the plot and the quirks of the character if they were deemed to [...]

    • While this was a great read, I had quite a few problems with it I truly don t understand how their world worked and think that it had too many ideas crammed into one relatively short story Like, only one family can see the orbs, but there s something about atoms and everyone can see it and I still have no idea how orbs even work or anything else let alone how the words are connected with the atoms and if the mages even use atoms because then how did the contract work yeah anyway, you get the poi [...]

    • Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance 4.5 Stars Servitude is a wonderful fantasy piece that deviates from the traditional elves and humans to give us a unique world that has science as well as magic, without being science fiction Set in a world with five cities ruled by five families, political intrigue is high and the danger to our main character, Lornyc Reagalos, even higher.I loved the feel of the story, the combination of multidimensional science along with magic was new plot base and created a d [...]

    • Won and received this book for free from First Reads.Besides being overwhelmed and taken aback by the other unexpected err theme of the story, aside from magic I really should say that this book really excited me I love the humour in it and the climax was over the edge, I thought my gut would be all over the place in anticipation I love Kat Warrenger s character Don t ask why, just read this book.I m no homophobe but given my culture and upbringing, I couldn t help but flinch at certain parts at [...]

    • It was okay The fantasy aspect felt sloppy For instance, the orb not even have been given a name despite being the power source for an entire city and was the central to the Reagalos magic I like most of the characters, unfortunately, despite being one of the main characters, Methian hardly ever did anything of significance and was useless for nearly all of the story Lastly, I ve never been fond of stories where a single character emerge as being the most powerful being in the realms while other [...]

    • This story was amazing I liked how Lornyc was all like.hhi don t wanna take care of all these cities becase i don t even know how to i didn t really like Methian s mother but then again, did not see her real realtionship being like it was which was a surprise.d wowi was so not expecting for that one guyt gonna say who be the evil guyl in all,the story was goodi d recommend to just about anyonei m actually going to try some of authors other books, past, present, future c

    • Lornyc and Methian are already in a loving and long term relationship, which made this a pleasant change It was also nice to see the little guy as the strong one.The story is about magic, greed, and the lust for power The blurb and excerpt explain quite a bit but the steps and trials both Lornyc and Methian must face are interesting Lornyc s siblings provide him with stability and the story with some humor The squabbles between Lornyc and Methian are pithy and funny Question comment will there b [...]

    • This was a nice read and I did like it The ideas were great which gave it potential to be an unforgettable read , but I felt we only got to see the surface The author didn t go very deep or detailed in anything Even the main characters, although likeable, weren t as developed as I would have liked The book was definitely lacking depth, which is the main reason for my 3 star rating.

    • Read this in one sitting Nicely done fantasy world building with a light touch though sometimes the modern references jerkily reminds the reader that it s a pseudo steampunk world rather than a medieval one Characters are well fleshed out and likable with a plot that will keep you guessing til the end.

    • I was positively surprised by this book, since I nearly gave up on new releases with pretty covers and debut authors This one had interesting characters not always nice people since they didn t mind murdering to protect and avenge their own and a complex plot, with a surprising villain.

    • 3.75 STARSNice high fantasy read, it s well written with great MC s and has a good storyline The only downside I had with it was the insta magic Also, the storyline was actually moving WAY too fast BUT, only in a few places I d recommend it to fellow fantasy readers.

    • it was a really good read my only issue was that it touched alot of serious ethical issues that where not explored at all leaving me unsatisfied, id really like a sequel since it also ends with a bit of a cliffhanger.

    • Loved this book for far too many reasons to list here Just saying that I can t wait to see of this ilk and high standard from this writer.Well done Rebecca on a thoroughly unique and wonderful story Would love to read of this wonderful world D

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