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Breathe By Donna Alward Breathe Sometimes all you need is a second chance Anna Morelli s life looked picture perfect until her husband had an affair with the nanny She s ready to file for divorce when a freak accident claims his lif
  • Title: Breathe
  • Author: Donna Alward
  • ISBN: 9781609282899
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Breathe By Donna Alward
    Breathe By Donna Alward Sometimes all you need is a second chance Anna Morelli s life looked picture perfect until her husband had an affair with the nanny She s ready to file for divorce when a freak accident claims his life, and she s forced to act the grieving widow Trouble is, she s not much of an actress She has to get away somewhere her meddling family won t think to find her SomewhereSometimes all you need is a second chance Anna Morelli s life looked picture perfect until her husband had an affair with the nanny She s ready to file for divorce when a freak accident claims his life, and she s forced to act the grieving widow Trouble is, she s not much of an actress She has to get away somewhere her meddling family won t think to find her Somewhere she has room to breathe That place is Two Willows Winery, the new home of her former best friend and ex lover, Jace Anna just prays their childhood friendship is strong enough that he won t turn her away Jace never expected to see Anna at his door He d been the son of the help she was the Morelli princess, and their affair was doomed from the start He s never forgiven her for breaking his heart or marrying someone else But he can t turn her away Not when she needs a roof over her children s heads, and some peace of mind He knows firsthand how strong her father s influence can be, and her need to break away But their painful history isn t forgotten, and as old secrets are finally revealed, their love is rekindled Can Jace let go of his grudge and forgive her Can she trust him again Or are their wounds too deep to ever truly heal
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      While bestselling author Donna Alward was busy studying Austen, Eliot and Shakespeare, she was also losing herself in the breathtaking stories created by romance novelists like LaVyrle Spencer, Judith McNaught, and Nora Roberts Several years after completing her degree she decided to write a romance of her own and it was true love Five years and ten manuscripts later she sold her first book and launched a new career While her heartwarming stories of love, hope, and homecoming have been translated into several languages, hit bestseller lists and won awards, her very favorite thing is when she hears from happy readers.Donna lives on Canada s east coast with her family which includes a husband, a couple of kids, a senior dog and two crazy cats When she s not writing she enjoys reading of course , knitting, gardening, cooking and is a Masterpiece Theater addict You can visit her on the web at DonnaAlward and join her mailing list at DonnaAlward newsletter.

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    • Favorite Quote In so many ways, her life had been waiting for her Like a bottle of Two Willows Syrah, all the flavors and notes and tones locked inside until Jace had uncorked it With Jace she had the freedom to breathe, and with that freedom came unexpected richness, full and satisfying.My Review Breathe was a quick yet somewhat heavy read, as the story was laden with angst, regrets, grief, sorrow, and wasted years based on misconceptions I had a difficult time warming up to Anna, she had alway [...]

    • A beautiful read well written and created a love that deserved a second chance loved Anna and jace story very heartwarming Wished I had read this book sooner has reader s we buy so many books and we forget the one s we brought earlier but so glad I took a chance on this read

    • Donna Award s Breathe is a twist on the second chance at love theme Both main characters fascinated me in this moving story of forgiveness, love and family set in the Shuswap Lake region of British Columbia.Anna Morelli needs to breathe She discovered her husband, Stefano, was having an affair with their nanny and was starting divorce proceedings when Stefano died She s overwhelmed she s been grieving for her marriage, caring for her two young children and working for her demanding father in the [...]

    • Note This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog Romantic Rose s Bookshelf romantic rosesblog A big thank you to Donna for sending me this book for honest reviewing Jace Willows and Anna Morelli shared a special relationship when they were teens and even children, but after Anna married her father s first choice they grew apart Now Anna is a rich widow with two kids Matteo and Aurelia and Jace is the bachelor owner of a successful winery called Two Willows Winery Anna needs some time to [...]

    • 4 Star Contemporary Romance of the Feel Good Kind Jace Willow, now owner of the Two Willows Winery grew up dirt poor with two parents who had always struggled to make ends meet and to provide for him the best they could When Jace s father is hired by the rich Italian Roberto Morelli to look after his stables, Jace lives vicariously through his children Alex and Anna Morelli who live a life of luxury that Jace can only dream about Roberto had always made Jace feel that he would never be good enou [...]

    • Lena s Review Anna Morelli has lived a life of What If s and is tired of it She thought she d found love in Jace, but like everything else in her life it was a lie Or so she thought Now out of a marriage she thought was the right choice at the time, she runs back to the only man she s ever truly loved, Jace.Anna is no longer the young, na ve girl that Jace fell in love with years ago and seeing her again has taken his breath away by rekindling old feelings that he thought had been buried deep af [...]

    • A very sweet and nice romance novel.Normally, I am the YA reader, but from time to time I find myself enjoying adult romance novels as well This novel was well written I liked the setting, and ut was descriped so well that I could picture Two Willows in my head perfectly.Also, I liked the characters But the novel was abit short, I would have loved to read a few flashbacks into the time of youth of Anna and Jace, the carefree ness they had, as well as a few earlier talks they had It was nice to [...]

    • Reviewed on atastyreadI had the honor of winning an Advanced Readers Copy of Breathe by Donna Alward I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of Reunion Lost Love Romances The author can normally have me bawling my eyes out half way through the book with the Heart wrenching stories of why things didn t work out for these Two People And Breathe by Donna Alward was no different.Our heroine Anna Morelli has lost her husband and cant stand the looks of pity she faces everyday So she escapes to the one place t [...]

    • I loved the hero who was sweet, tender, dark, and soulful Anna was just as good, and I liked reading about her princess like past and comparing her old self to her fierce mama warrior nature in the present I liked watching her struggle, even as I felt immense empathy for her and her situation What is it like, Alward asks us, to have everything you want in life except for the things you most crave approval and love The dialogue felt a bit flat to me at times, as though I understood what Alward wa [...]

    • BREATHE by author Donna Alward is the spellbinding story of Anna Morelli and what she does after her husband dies After all she has two small children now.Will it do any good to take them to Jace Willow s vineyard But Jace is her childhood ally and yes, the biggest mistake she made in her life She told herself, that she ll just hide out till she had regrouped and able to face the future again Jace had major issues with Anna and he s not happy to find her on his doorstep With two young kids in to [...]

    • DiDi s review posted on Guilty PleasuresBreathe is truly a lovers reunited romance It s a great read, Breathe is an emotional story about a widow with regrets, two adorable kids, and a man filled with resentment and hatred My heart literally hurt for Anna and Jace because of all they went through I loved the ending and the fact that the story was wrapped up with an excellant epilogue was great This was the first time I ve read this author, I will be checking out I am going to research to see if [...]

    • A really great story from beginning to end A second chance romance about devastating loss and a returning home of the heart.

    • BreatheThis was a second chance story One where youth messed up and as adults trying to get past said youth takes opening up old wounds When her husband betrayed her for the last time Anna decided that divorce was the only option But his death came first Now she has the chance at true love of only Jace is willing to listen.

    • Another difficult book to review since I had such high expectations I enjoy second chance at romance stories and sort through the what, whys and hows in what went wrong in the relationship in the first go round Usually the background is given and the characters have had years and some maturing, especially when they began as young lovers Breathe had the potential, but unfortunately 2 3 of the book was repetitious on the characters history and didn t have enough meat for me to get attached to eith [...]

    • Breathe was amaizing It was beautiful You see Jace Willow owns Two Willows Vineyardhe has made something of himself He s proud of what he has accomplishedThe only thing he regrets is he lost the only girl her ever loved But when she shows up on his doorstep with her two children he doesn t know what to doAnna Morelli made a mistake and now is paying for itShe s a widow with two children and has run to get away from her familyShe doesn t know what to expect from Jace The only thing she can hope f [...]

    • Breathe is a story about love and loss As a young couple their love was a failure, but now after years of heartache and regret Anna finds herself at his doorstep once Years have changed them in ways than one, and the baggage that Anna brings may just be than Jace can handle Never having married his is quite used to his bachelor lifestyle, but children have a funny way of leaving their mark when we least expect it With their mountain of history that has left them both with aggression this situ [...]

    • I m a bit all over the place on how I feel about this book It s probably of a 3.5 I liked the story and it s beautifully written, but I wanted to slap these characters and tell them to wake up and smell the coffee because after all the mouthwatering descriptions of wine, coffee was in order Neither the hero, Jace, nor the Heroine, Anna could be called to stupid to live, but they were both so stubborn If you like stubborn characters and second chance love stories, you ll enjoy this one.

    • I really enjoyed this book overall I love Italian culture language and the throw in of the wine business made it even better The back story of Anna and Jace was very intriguing and catching, however I think I would have liked a little bit explanation of some things like when their friendship had turned into the secret relationship they cherished so much I would definitely reccomend this book to people who want a quick, emotional read on their hands

    • A story about second chances with the one that got away Anna and Jace were young when they lost each other, but now that time has past they are can fix that This was a very predictable read for me Not unpleasant, but just not drop everything so I can read it pleasant.

    • Very typical romance story No surprises Cute book Quick read Towards the middle of the book I could not wait for it to end.

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