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Falconer By John Cheever Falconer Stunning and brutally powerful Falconer tells the story of a man named Farragut his crime and punishment and his struggle to remain a man in a universe bent on beating him back into childhood Only
  • Title: Falconer
  • Author: John Cheever
  • ISBN: 9780143566359
  • Page: 466
  • Format: None
  • Falconer By John Cheever
    Falconer By John Cheever Stunning and brutally powerful, Falconer tells the story of a man named Farragut, his crime and punishment, and his struggle to remain a man in a universe bent on beating him back into childhood Only John Cheever could deliver these grand themes with the irony, unforced eloquence, and exhilarating humor that make Falconer such a triumphant work of the moral imagination.
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      John Cheever was an American novelist and short story writer, sometimes called the Chekhov of the suburbs or the Ovid of Ossining His fiction is mostly set in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the suburbs of Westchester, New York, and old New England villages based on various South Shore towns around Quincy, Massachusetts, where he was born.His main themes include the duality of human nature sometimes dramatized as the disparity between a character s decorous social persona and inner corruption, and sometimes as a conflict between two characters often brothers who embody the salient aspects of both light and dark, flesh and spirit Many of his works also express a nostalgia for a vanishing way of life, characterized by abiding cultural traditions and a profound sense of community, as opposed to the alienating nomadism of modern suburbia.

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    • This is the third fourth time I ve read Falconer It s a remarkable and perfect novel It s one sentence following the next of words that are exactly right for the moment they appear on the page, until you get to the most beautiful, hard earned, elegiac ending of all time The above might be hyperbole Not very much hyperbole, though.

    • Falconer Correctional Facility certainly sounds dreary and no place I d want to spend any time, but it doesn t seem nearly as bad as many fictional prisons In fact, it seems pretty dull There weren t any beatings from brutal guards There s no racial tension evident No one gets shivved or shanked The only riot in the story actually takes place at another prison and isn t discussed in detail There s no escape tunnels being dug through walls Compared to fictional prisons like Oz or Shawshank, Falco [...]

    • Curious book I d never thought Cheever would write his prison novel.Not so much of a plot here, so much as there is an evolution of characters Sumptuous prose style, only very rarely boring You d expect a prison novel to be about freedom, and it is, but it s nimbly done.

    • And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother And he said, I know not Am I my brother s keeper Genesis 4 9God cursed Cain and sentenced him to a life of wandering.Falconer is a modern fratricide story.The state condemned Cain and sent him to prison Long ago when they first invented the atomic bomb people used to worry about its going off and killing everybody, but they didn t know that mankind has got enough dynamite right in his guts to tear the fucking planet to pieces We ve learnt to [...]

    • A novel of bracing honesty, above all Cheever s matter of fact reporting and his characters are both frank and entirely convincing I ve heardFalconer described as a tale of redemption, but frankly I found little evidence of transformation in Farragut himself He is an ego ste in the latter part of his life, whose tastes and desires are fully formed and which he has no intention to change, though in Falconer he must learn to live with infrequent satisfaction His libido in particular is reminiscent [...]

    • Falconer , escrito em 1977, o ltimo romance de John Cheever e por muitos considerado a sua obra prima um livro t o duro quanto belo, l mpido na sua crueza, humano e impiedoso.Parece me revelador o que a filha de John Cheever, Susan Cheever, afirma sobre a fase final da vida do pai, fase esta que coincide com a escrita de Falconer For me, the end of his life is triumphant He stops drinking He writes what I think is his best book Falconer, a novel about a drug addict, serving time for the murder o [...]

    • It was inevitable, I suppose, that Cheever write a prison novel a compelling prospect, theoretically , but aside from some moments of wonderful prose, this story of an incarcerated heroin addict wallowing in the pleasurable humiliations of jailhouse eroticism came off as banal, even callow Instead of orienting the novel firmly in its setting, the prison the titular Falconer feels like a pretext than a context, and the characters never really emerge from their arid, rambling monologues Maybe it [...]

    • Sembra un romanzo autobiografico, preciso, chiaro, non vi sono esitazioni, si ha l impressione che l autore scriva di cose che conosce bene Al tempo stesso il tono distaccato, come se i fatti raccontati si riferissero a parecchi anni prima Sembra che l autore relazioni l esperienza fatta da un amico che lo mette al corrente in un unica seduta, in un intenso pomeriggio, senza dovizia di particolari ma badando solo all essenziale Sono giornate, mesi di vita in carcere di assassini, di uomini dimen [...]

    • So here, then, is a John Cheever s great penal novel Or should I say, penile novel Yes, yes, the pun is too obvious to be anything but unfunny But it s just shouting from the eaves to be thrust into the spotlight.This is primarily because on cannot turn a page without finding cocks, balls, erections, ejaculations, peckers, dicks, tumescences, foreskins, pissings, and yes, at least one anal intrusion by a phallic object.What would I expect, I suppose, from a prison novel I ve heard that song by T [...]

    • Saul Bellow called Falconer elegant, pure, and indispensable John Updike said it gives us back our humanity Newsweek calls it a masterpiece I would also like to sum it up just as succinctly, but I don t know how to spell that farting noise you can make with your armpit Ezekial Farragut is a wealthy upper class heroin addict imprisoned in Falconer Prison for killing his brother The narrative shifts back and forth between the day to day realities of prison life which seem to aim for Kafkaesque but [...]

    • While I enjoyed Cheever s writing as a thing in itself , the subject matter of this particular work may be a bit over the top for reserved conservative thematically sensitive readers or somewhat age inappropriate for folks less than 16 18 Cheever explores some interesting aspects of institutional imprisonment, drug abuse, psychology, homosexuality, and violence in such a way and with such detail it is difficult to imagine that Cheever is not speaking from personal experience which is in a sense [...]

    • H uma forma americana de escrever, uma ideia muito emp rica, mas os escritores do final do s c XX, como Cheever, Donald Ray Pollock, James Salter, David Vann, etc retratam de forma semelhante a pobreza, a tristeza, a viol ncia, dor e crueza da Am rica.John Cheever um deles, uma escrita por vezes po tica, mas muito dura Excepcional

    • There is something both unsettling and beautiful about this compact Cheever novel A novel of punishment and redemption, Falconer is also a story of addiction, of confinement, of an introspective man moving from his isolated past to his very human present It is hard to compare Cheever s style to anyone, but there were moments where I felt I was floating in the same literary river as O Connor, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, and Percy His prose is amazing, his imagination is sharp, and the depth of his soul [...]

    • This isn t your typical correctional facility in fact Falconer Correctional Facility is very boring, there is nothing happening, just a bunch of lonely men trying to make it through their sentences No brutality, no abuse and the only riot that happens in the book is just as boring as the rest of prison life The main character Farragut is convicted of murdering his brother he is from a formally rich family and a drug addict The whole book is about him and his desire for methadone nothing else rea [...]

    • A relatively light read about a prisoner, his life behind bars and the thoughts and feelings of convicted fellons who are forced to live imprisoned It has some deep lines and some very well constructed moments I feel like I should ve read this in english, I might have enjoyed it .

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    • This book is both inventive and conventional it would even make a pleasant beach read John Cheever effectively manages both a broad lyrical range and do I dare say it a plot Yes, it can be done Falconer wrestles out many of the sordid details of a heroin addict sentenced to prison for fratricide the gay lover, the methadone, the riots, the cat killing with a prosody that seems somehow unattainable And, it s not by any stretch a victim s story Where Cheever excels is where he is able to wrap his [...]

    • Farragut acidentalmente, ou n o, mata o irm o condenado e enviado para Falconer.Durante o seu tempo de reclus o, recorda o seu passado, vive o seu presente e conquista o seu futuro.Um bel ssimo romance sobre a paix o, o desejo e o amor Farragut desenvolveu uma sensibilidade sobrenatural ao simples chiar dos t nis do amante Havia noites em que lhe parecia que a vida dependia desse som Mas, acima de tudo, um livro sobre a maior ambi o do ser humano a Liberdade Levantou bem a cabe a, endireitou as [...]

    • I m glad I read Falconer, I admire the writing, but I don t think I will want to reread this book Cheever masterfully wrote men and I do mean men, not women in their most degraded state Because of this, the humor, when it came, made me belly laugh, and, for that, I love the book Degraded men stuck in a cage with nothing to lose have nothing to do but talk And talk, they do I grew up near Sing Sing, which I m guessing is the model for Falconer Cheever, who lived near me, may have even been an acq [...]

    • Qu gran libro Redond simo La prosa de Cheever es demasiado bella tambi n.Me gust mucho el personaje de Jody, sent enamoramiento por l.Este libro lo le mos en el club de lectura al que voy y me encant darme cuenta de las interpretaciones distintas que distintas personas pueden hacer seg n sus biograf as La idea de la adicci n funciona como una met fora muy transversal.

    • Non ho messo stelline Non so cosa pensarne L ho letto ma ci ho capito molto poco Sembra un Dostojevski risvegliatosi negli Usa anni 50, ancora un po intontito dal salto spazio temporale Non la storia in s ad essermi sfuggita, ma il sottotesto In genere mi piacciono i romanzi minori anni 50 da Wallace a Buck, passando per Bromfield e una pletora di americani che trovo nei reminders Medusa , ma questo ha ambizioni pi alte della semplice narrazione del momento storico sfigato di Farragut Oppiomane [...]

    • Depois dos dois livros de contos de John Cheever, chegou a vez de ler um romance seu, ali s o ltimo que escreveu, em 1977 Falconer.Falconer uma pris o onde o protagonista cumpre pena pelo assass nio do irm o, e o ambiente duro de um estabelecimento prisional nos mostrado exemplarmente pelo autor, que vai mostrando os outros elementos com os quais mais se relaciona ali, entremeados com trechos da sua vida pessoal e que ajudam a definir a personagem.O estilo o mesmo dos contos e em v rias partes p [...]

    • Just started last night as I abruptly ran out of books to read with time left on the reading clock So far I ve read The Wapshot Chronicle and some short stories by Cheever He s a great writer The set up seems a bit fishy here an upper crust murderer , but we ll see The wife s a mega bitch but maybe she has cause to be The imprisoned husband s a drug addict who accidently killed his brother that s some seriously bad stuff This book gets a shout out in the Seinfeld Cheever episode.Now well past th [...]

    • This is an interesting novel and about a subject that isn t written about too often takes place within the confines of a prison and there s a great deal of characterization of the prisoners and their stories as well as the philosophical thinking of the protagonist, who perhaps accidentally killed his brother and his addicted to methadone There s some ideas of prisoner s rights as well as memories, a homosexual love affair, a clergy visit, and even a little of revolution but it leaves you with a [...]

    • A book about a prisoner named Zeke Farragut, Falconer is one of those antiquated classics in which the story is centered around meandering thoughts and loose memories than any real description of the people and places that Farragut interacts with The prose is exceptional however, but Cheever s style is much too poetic and rambling to connect with most people these days Even though I called it antiquated, it was only written in 1977 which doesn t make it ancient or anything, but someone under 50 [...]

    • Cheever, John FALCONER 1977 This was a re read of a book I first read when it came out over thirty years ago When I was reading the recent biography of Cheever by Blake Bailey, I was amazed at the praise heaped on this novel I didn t remember it as being all that great at least not next to most of Cheever s earlier work SoI read it again It s not as good as his early work, though it is well written I think all the hullabaloo was caused by the subject matter, which was very different from Cheeve [...]

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