Legends of the Dark Crystal, Vol. 1: The Garthim Wars #2020

Legends of the Dark Crystal, Vol. 1: The Garthim Wars By Barbara Randall Kesel Heidi Arnhold Max Kim Legends of the Dark Crystal Vol The Garthim Wars This much anticipated original prequel to Jim Henson s fantasy masterpiece is set years before The Dark Crystal the groundbreaking film that won the hearts and minds of fans all over the world a
  • Title: Legends of the Dark Crystal, Vol. 1: The Garthim Wars
  • Author: Barbara Randall Kesel Heidi Arnhold Max Kim
  • ISBN: 9781598167016
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • Legends of the Dark Crystal, Vol. 1: The Garthim Wars By Barbara Randall Kesel Heidi Arnhold Max Kim
    Legends of the Dark Crystal, Vol. 1: The Garthim Wars By Barbara Randall Kesel Heidi Arnhold Max Kim This much anticipated original prequel to Jim Henson s fantasy masterpiece is set 100 years before The Dark Crystal, the groundbreaking film that won the hearts and minds of fans all over the world, and set the stage for the new age of muppet making Available March 2007.
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      385 Barbara Randall Kesel Heidi Arnhold Max Kim
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    • Barbara Randall Kesel Heidi Arnhold Max Kim

      Barbara Randall Kesel is an American writer and editor of comic books her bibliography includes work for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, CrossGen, Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics Kesel is a very outspoken opponent of sexism in the comic book industry She is known for her strong female characters, influencing her then husband Karl s work on Lois Lane in the Superman titles and creating Grace, the ruler of the Golden City location in Comics Greatest World.Kesel initially came into the comics world after writing a 10 page letter to editor Dick Giordano regarding the portrayal of female comic book characters At Dark Horse, Kesel was part of Team CGW, responsible for most of the design and creation of the setting and characters in the Golden City location She is currently part of book packaging company The Pack, alongside Lee Nordling, Brian Augustyn, Gordon Kent and Dave Olbrich.Kesel has been nominated for the 1991 Best Editor Eisner Award for Badlands, Aliens Genocide and Star Wars In 1995, she was nominated for Best Anthology and Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Material Harvey Awards for, respectively, Instant Piano and Hellboy Seed of Destruction She won the 1996 Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work Harvey Award, for Hellboy The Wolves of St August.

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    • As a life long fan of the Dark Crystal, I may be a bit biased in my opinion, but I thoroughly enjoyed this graphic novel The artwork is expressive and suits the characters well, even if it seems manga style than the original Brian Froud creations that inhabit the original film The Garthim Wars is a fun storyline that reveals of the backstory leading into the circumstances of The Dark Crystal film plot.

    • Kinda wished this was in color but I do love the guest art in the back, really nice Good story and a very fast read I m thinking these two gelflings are the ancestors of Kira and Jen I am such a big fan of the original movie and glad to read of that world and I am looking forward to Age of Resistance when it comes on Netflix.

    • Super cute series so far I remember watching the dark crystal as a kid, but i don t remember the story line that well I like how the artwork matches the movie style well I also never realized they only have 4 fingers on each hand

    • review for vol 12 two stars not because the story scored a 40% but simply because it was ok just ok, and really nothing .when I found this series I was filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety oh cool, Dark Crystal graphic novels oh noey are published by Tokyopope last thing any Dark Crystal fan wants to see is a Dark Crystal comic drawn up by manga artists at least, I didn t and I like Japanese comics ter finishing these two volumes, I felt disappointed but considering the Dark Crystal s [...]

    • Legends of the Dark Crystal The Garthim Wars takes place 100 years before Jim Henson s classic film The Dark Crystal and gives the reader a peek into the history leading up to the healing of the dark crystal by the Gelflings Jen and Kira But this is before the crystal was healed and the Gelflings almost extinct Garthim still hunt the nonviolent Gelflings for the evil Skeksis The captured Gelflings are taken to the Crystal Palace were they are drained of their essence which the Skeksis drink for [...]

    • I don t typically read Manga, but, hey, it s the Dark Crystal What could go wrong First, I have to admire the illustrations found within its pages They are absolutely beautiful and stunning The story follows our main protagonist, Lahr, a young Gelfling shepherd who finds that his village has been raided by the evil Garthim, twisted servants of the tyrannical Skeksis Lahr finds the courage to seek out his captive villagers and save them before the Skeksis kill them first Along the way he pairs up [...]

    • First Impression I m a bit confused by the pace There s a lot of action right at the beginning, and then it dies down for the council discussion in the gelfling cave community I m concerned that this storyline won t fit very well into the timeline of The Dark Crystal and its other prequels I like that the authors included dream fasting that s a nice little tidbit from the movie The art is pretty good and its fairly accurate to the style of Henson s puppets I like the different outfits, hair, and [...]

    • Tras la recuperaci n, hace unos meses, de personajes y escenarios de la m tica pel cula Dentro del laberinto en formato c mic, ahora le toca el turno a otro entra able largometraje de la factor a Jim Henson Cristal oscuro Hay que advertir que, en esta ocasi n, los personajes principales son distintos, ya que esta historia acontece muchos a os antes que la cl sica pel cula, motivo por el que han rebautizado a esta saga como Leyendas del Cristal Oscuro Este primer tomo nuevamente los avispados edi [...]

    • My main question about this book is why Why even write it If you know anything about The Dark Crystal, you know that Jen and Kira were the last two Gelfling left Period At least according to the film.So, then, you automatically know that every single Gelfing in this Garthim Wars series is going to die Period No ifs, ands, or buts No matter how courageous or innovative their fight, ultimately they will fail and all fall to the enemy.So why do such a downer series anyhow That s one thing I can t f [...]

    • Genre Post Modern Picture book graphic novel This story falls in the world created by Jim Henson in the 1980s It depicts two underdogs, a shepherd and an artist, who work with a village in order to save them from creatures that are about to attack and capture the occupants to feed the dark crystal Though the hero and heroine are young and inexperienced, they learn that if they work together with others, they can make a difference Though the plot line is not original, no one can resist a good und [...]

    • Unfortunately, this graphic novel just wasn t that great The art actively worked against the majesty and unearthly beauty of the Dark Crystal world Thra seemed so much confined and messy than it should So much of the story was close in inside caves There wasn t really much imagination spread throughout the world, either.The story itself didn t really fit the dreamy atmosphere that I associate with the Dark Crystal universe It was just a run of the mill fantasy story, with a random prophecy thro [...]

    • First off, I loved Dark Crystal the movie So I figured this would be good as well It was alright, it is supposed to be a prequel to the movie version but the storyline is very similar to the original The Skesis are ruling and draining gelflings who are abundant at this point for their essence, to keep the emperor looking young The Garthim giant beetle looking things are still being used to round up things and Lahr, the main character of the novel, has figured out a way to kill them He discovers [...]

    • I really wanted to like this one I enjoyed the Dark Crystal as a child and was interested in reading viewing the prequel to the movie s circumstances.In the end maybe I was hoping for too much The illustrations are decent They feel like a coloring book rendition with a storyline that has a similar feel.I hate to compare movies to books cause I believe they should be able to stand on their own, but this one doesn t accomplish that.I tried not to be biased due to the fact that this was a Manga co [...]

    • only recently found out that there were two graphic novels created as prequels to the Dark Crystal movie This is well drawn, and the story is well created I like the characters of Lahr and Neffi, and it s neat to see the Gelfings before the destruction It was also neat to see the inner workings of the Skeksis, including the personality of the old emperor who was a sly, smart and vicious creature I just love the little Gelfling children, they are so sweet The overall feel is rather bittersweet fo [...]

    • I would assume I am very biased about this series The Dark Crystal is my favourite movie of all time, so when I found out there was a manga styled series of two it was supposed to be three the series was never finished prequels I jumped with excitement and bought them for a birthday present for myself I read them both in a day and loved them The held the same simple gentleness and good wins over evil the film had It made me feel a little complete reading these books, and they are just as specia [...]

    • Black and white line art doesn t really do justice to the world of The Dark Crystal, and this book ends up essentially looking the same as any other manga Still, the manga style is well suited to the design of the gelflings, with their wide, open faces, pointy ears, and large eyes The storyline was also less engrossing than in the Creation Myths series, with the world and characters not feeling particularly fleshed out Still, there s nothing really wrong with this book it just didn t grab me, an [...]

    • If you ve ever watched The Dark Crystal and wanted to know about what had happened to this world, You might want to pick up this book It goes into the past of the world of the Dark Crystal and about the Gelflings If you ve never even heard of the movies you ll like this manga because its a fantastic story about survival and banding together and defeating impossible enemies.

    • This is the first I ve read anything from the Dark Crystal expanded universe and it was fun seeing characters races from the film in a different context like this The writing seemed a bit juvenile simplistic, but I enjoyed it nevertheless I d read the next volume, but it s not available at my library, and I don t think I m inclined to seek it out otherwise.

    • A story that really falls nicely into the framework set up by the original movie, while happening many decades before, when there were whole societies of Gelflings still around and about If you enjoyed the movie, particularly if you were touched by their struggle and the emotions involved, you should check this out as well.

    • These were completely lacking in the atmosphere of the original film The characters felt like pale imitations of the two Gelflings in the movie, and the dialog and plot were not especially interesting.

    • The story is so so or average with a lot of reminders of the movie.but the artw that is phenomenal The book is worth checking out just for the art and the art is what gives this book the extra star above average for me.

    • Much less dark than the Dark Crystal movie so far, this adventure story is charming and adorable, with a style of artwork that stays true to the Jim Henson classic I can t wait to find the second book of this series

    • The story was pretty basic but still interesting The art was very well done I would have liked to explore of the world since you always get the hint that theres some crazy stuff going on Alsowhy is Aughra made out to be a maniac All in all it was a good read and I m glad I got it.

    • Nice good delve back into old fantasy Simplistic plot, not much depth to characters but they have the light fantasy world created it still carries over some emotion Okay read a good trip down the fantasy nostalgic road

    • This gets five stars because it was solidly reflective of the characters, setting, and emotions I associated with the original Dark Crystal The illustration was impressive, and faithful to the designs and feel of the movie plus there s always that dose of mystical storytelling.

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