Child of the Dark Prophecy #2020

Child of the Dark Prophecy By T.A. Barron Child of the Dark Prophecy Long Ago Merlin Planted a magical seed that beat like a heart a seed that grew into the Great Tree of Avalon For centuries this world has flourished as a land of wonder and mystery a link between H
  • Title: Child of the Dark Prophecy
  • Author: T.A. Barron
  • ISBN: 9780441013081
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Child of the Dark Prophecy By T.A. Barron
    Child of the Dark Prophecy By T.A. Barron Long Ago, Merlin Planted a magical seed that beat like a heart a seed that grew into the Great Tree of Avalon For centuries, this world has flourished as a land of wonder and mystery, a link between Heaven and Earth, a place where all creatures could live in harmony.Now, though, Avalon reels from brutal attacks, mysterious droughts, and stranger evils yet Then one night,Long Ago, Merlin Planted a magical seed that beat like a heart a seed that grew into the Great Tree of Avalon For centuries, this world has flourished as a land of wonder and mystery, a link between Heaven and Earth, a place where all creatures could live in harmony.Now, though, Avalon reels from brutal attacks, mysterious droughts, and stranger evils yet Then one night, just as the elusive Lady of the Lake predicted, all the stars in the sky suddenly go dark The fate of Avalon now rests with three young people Tamwyn, a homeless wilderness guide Elli, an escaped slave turned priestess and Scree, an eagleman with a startling secret One of them is the true heir of Merlin, the only person who can save Avalon and one of them is the dreaded child of the Dark Prophecy, the person fated to destroy it This novel, like T A Barron s Lost Years of Merlin epic, creates a radiant, richly imagined new world, full of high adventure and unforgettable characters And, like all books by T A Barron, it is at once deeply moving, masterfully written, and profoundly true.In accordance with prophecy, Avalon s existence is threatened in the year that stars stop shining and at the time when both the dark child and Merlin s heir are to be revealed.
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      T.A Barron grew up in Colorado ranch country and traveled widely as a Rhodes Scholar He is the winner of the de Grummond Medallion for lifetime contribution to the field of children s and young adult literature and many other awards T A Barron is the author of than 30 highly acclaimed books, many of which are international bestsellers They include The Lost Years of Merlin now being developed into a feature film , The Great Tree of Avalon a New York Times bestselling series , The Ancient One the tale of a brave girl and a magical tree , and The Hero s Trail nonfiction stories of courageous kids.Though he d dreamed as a young man of becoming a writer, he couldn t find anyone to publish his first novel He joined a successful business, eventually became president, then decided to try again So in 1990, he surprised his business partners by moving back to Colorado to become a writer and conservationist.In 2000, he founded a national award to honor outstanding young people who help their communities or the environment the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, which honors 25 highly diverse, public spirited kids each year He recently produced a documentary film, Dream Big, profiling seven winners of the Barron Prize When not writing or speaking, T A Barron serves on many boards including Princeton University, where he helped to create the Princeton Environmental Institute, and The Wilderness Society, which recently honored him with its highest award for conservation work His favorite pastime is hiking, camping, or skiing in Colorado with his family.

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    • It took me almost TWO weeks to read this book Two The beginning was slow.1 I could care less about the villains POV I don t want to hear it Seriously All his Disney villain babbling drove me CRAZY 2 Elli rocked and Tamwryn was annoying at times, but I was laughing at the antics of the Hoolah and Tam Nuic was adorable and hilariously awesome 3 Headhopping SO desperately annoying 4 I wish the author had made the journey difficult It seemed way too easy TORTURE YOUR CHARACTERS You know what would [...]

    • Read my thoughts on my blog, PicaReads picareads Snippet from my review Overall, I really liked this series, although I wouldn t recommend reading them back to back in five days By the time I got to the middle of the third, I was getting sick of the storyline and needed a break The trilogy is a hero s journey with three interconnecting plotlines that might be a little confusing at first Tamwyn, a wilderness guide trying to find his brother and his own sense of self Scree, an eagleman charged wit [...]

    • Very well written Barron s characters were strong and felt real anyone else in love with Scree XD lol His flow was a bit slow, though, and I caught my thoughts drifting away every once in a while Some of his creatures were a bit unbelieveable, tooI forgot the name of the one creature that kept annoying Tamwyn.a boggart, maybe I dunno The creature with big hands, circular eyebrows, and a taste for mischief While I was interested in him enough, I found I couldn t quite believe in him The last book [...]

    • This is a beautifully written novel, and this series stands out as one that I used to read over and over again when I was younger The characters are sympathetic and engaging, and the series is overall a fun read I remember this being one of my favorite series, but I will have to go back and read it as an adult to see if the series stands up from different perspective.

    • This book was just extraordinary a great start to what I am confident will be an excellent series T.A Barron s prose is absolutely beautiful somewhat lofty, but along the lines of elegant and occasionally didactic He is still a modern author and you can see differences between his style and say, the 50s 60s style of C.S Lewis or Lloyd Alexander, but he s pretty close I d say Barron and maybe Clare Dunkle come the closest to emulating that style In other words, his writing is a long, far cry fro [...]

    • I read one of T.A Barron s books when I was younger, and it was one of my favorites When I found this series, I was excited to dive right in That said, for some reason, it was a slow start for me It took me 269 pages to get into it, but once I did, I couldn t put it down I think I didn t really connect with the characters at first, and there were too many story lines being introduced to really hold my attention But once you get all the characters straight, and their stories start converging, it [...]

    • The Great Tree of Avalon Child of the Dark Prophecy was an incredible read The cover it truly intriguing, in a simple kind of way The cover is simply an old tree against a brilliant blue sky with stars In front of the tree, the title and the author s name are a gleaming gold I loved every moment of the book, every word Tamwyn, Elli, Brionna, and Scree were amazing characters and I enjoyed learning all about them as they searched for Merlin s staff This magical story is indeed one I would recomme [...]

    • T.A Barron created a sweeping fantasy classic in the Lost Years of Merlin series Now he follows up with a brand new series, taking place eight hundred years after the creation of Avalon The Great Tree of Avalon Child of the Dark Prophecy, full of magic, chills and humor.As the book opens, legendary wizard Merlin rescues an orphaned eagleboy from a pair of mercenaries, and gives him to a flamelon woman with a half human baby He also leaves his staff with the eagleboy The boys are raised together, [...]

    • This book has such a high rating that I m simultaneously intimidated and confused The writing is kind of old fashioned, which is fine, and makes me think that perhaps it s some kind of foundational fantasy classic that I ve just never heard of for some unearthly reason Yes Maybe No I had high hopes for The Great Tree of Avalon because it has Avalon in the title, and features mythos based on Arthurian figures like Merlin and the Lady of the Lake just my type of thing However, I finished it in a d [...]

    • This review was also posted on my blog The Hobbit of Pemberly PlaceI picked up Child of the Dark Prophecy, by T.A Barron, as a part of a project for my Teaching Reading class We needed to pick several young adult books, a graphic novel, and some other texts film, other novels, poetry, etc that were all based around a theme or genre Several potential ideas bounced around in my head for a while as I went book surfing on GoodReads and Google I eventually settled on Arthurian Legend.This book seems [...]

    • By the end of this book, I rather liked it, though I dislike books written for a younger reading level than the main characters For example, I would dislike a book if the issues dealt with are clearly 17 year old issues, but it s written to an audience of 12 year olds Clearly, the three main characters here are all 17, but the writing was very juvenile It would fit better in Children s than in Young Adult This is not to say that 12 year olds should not read about mature problems like politics or [...]

    • This is one of those books I wish I read as a child Although T.A Barron creates a fascinating and colorful world, it s obvious that this book was geared towards those a bit younger than myself.The Good This book is about the land of Avalon, envisioned by Barron to be a giant tree with seven realms Each realm has a special characteristic woods, water etc It s a place that I would certainly like to visit Each region is unique and vividly described The characters are interesting, if a bit undevelop [...]

    • The book was nothing like I thought it would be from the cover, which was nice because the cover blurb sounded too clich If you liked anything else by T.A Barron, either the Seven Songs of Merlin quintet, Heartlight, etc, this is a no brainer If you ve never heard of him Two brothers were born in the same year, a year a prophecy says two children will be born the heir to Merlin, and the Dark Child who will destroy the world Needless to say, people born in that year tended to get killed pretty qu [...]

    • Child of the Dark Prophecy is all about the backstory of Merlin, the wizard The story is Merlin lives in a place called Avalon but has never been seen since he last left One thing that Merlin left was his staff and only the true heir of Merlin can hold the power There are hidden symbols on the staff and when the true heir holds it, the symbols will light The problem is that a dark prophecy was told that a child born in the darkest year of Avalon will soon destroy it A group of people, Tamwyn, El [...]

    • I read 180 out of the 400 pages What on earth do people see in this book How does it have such a high rating I did read that some of the reviewers found the characters to be two dimensional understatement of the year The characters are flat, boring, and spout dialogue fit for a toddler The plot, what little was divulged in 200 pages, was equally cliched and uber tree huggery I just ain t gonna waste any time.

    • It quenched my thirst for fantasy, with a dash of old myths, and a little bit of magic This beautifully written and elegantly spun tale was worth every page of paper it was written on.

    • The fantasy novel The Great Tree of Avalon, by T.A Barron is a highly creative novel with many memorable characters and exciting storylines that the reader will enjoy piecing together as they read This book takes place in a time of great change for the magical land of Avalon where all creatures from earth, the spirit world, and have lived in something very near to peace for the past 3 centuries Many mysterious things begin to occur in the seventeenth year since the child of the dark prophecy wa [...]

    • This author s Lost Years of Merlin series was one I started off liking very well way back when But that was during the early teen nadir of the quantity and variety of my free reading, and even then I cooled off a bit on the series before I finished, so I wasn t sure what to expect from revisiting the author Child of the Dark Prophecy starts a new series in the same universe, about a thousand years after the Lost Years books, with a new set of characters, also aimed, as far as I can tell, at the [...]

    • The book Child of a Dark Prophecy By T.A Barron published on October 7th, 2004 is a fantasy fiction The main character, Tamwyn, is very easily liked because he is very funny and he is an adventure guide He believed he was the Child of the Dark Prophecy because it was said that child was the only one born on his birth year It turns out he is actually the true heir of the great wizard Merlin He created the Great Tree of Avalon to be a bridge between mortals and immortals, and living and dead Tamwy [...]

    • Chose extr mement rare, j ai abandonn ma lecture J avais aim le premier tome du premier cycle qui, malheureusement, avait baiss de qualit rapidement, l auteur reprenant chaque fois les m mes ficelles sans vraiment faire voluer les personnages au d but du livre, Merlin se comportait toujours en imb cile et devenait soit disant plus sage la fin, sauf qu au tome suivant, c tait rebelote Du coup, je n avais pas lu le second cycle Ce troisi me cycle, avec des personnages diff rents, reprend stricteme [...]

    • Sometimes have an expressive reader is worse than a dronere material wasn t good enough to garner my full attention and the readers efforts at acting it all out quite well to be honest showed its weaknesses all the .

    • Review by B.M I feel as though this book was well written with wonderful plot twists The book was addictive and hard to put down.

    • Eh Not as good as the Lost Years of Merlin series which this is technically a continuation of The main characters are annoying, the adventure takes forever to get off the ground, and there are a few too many dues ex machinas I won t continue reading this series.

    • Story 5 5 stars Writing 3 5 stars.While I loved the story and premise of this book, the way it was written was quite cringy at times, and I can hardly believe that so many run on sentences made it to publication Overall I think this book just needed editing However, the story was very well developed and the setting was charmingly built.One small thing in the story that bothered me, though, view spoiler was Kulwych s being maimed by Merlin by no apparent reason this was brought up so suddenly an [...]


    • Amazing book I was so surprised when Tamwyn was thought to be the Dark Child and the Chosen One The epilogue explaining Kulwych s talk with his master was the perfect way to end the book Loved it Currently reading the Shadow of Stars second book to this

    • This book annoyed me for a silly reason, and that was that until I was just over half way through I thought it was called the Great Tree of Avalon and I was confused because I couldn t find the book on Then I searched the author and found out that this book is actually called Child of the Dark Prophecy I think they should have rethought the cover design, which although beautiful is unnecessarily confusing I also couldn t tell if it was the first book in a series or not and then after just lookin [...]

    • As the legend goes in the book, the wizard Merlin planted a magical seed on a long forgotten island, and that seed sprouted a tree, which would eventually have roots stretching out so far and wide that whole civilizations are built on them, and branches which would reach up to the stars and beyond I enjoyed it quite a bit My main qualm with it was that the whole story seemed like a prelude and indeed T.A Barron, the author, said that it was merely the first book in a series of three Thus, when v [...]

    • When I read this book for the first time I really liked it In fact, I thought it was one of the greatest books I ve ever read therefore, I just had to buy all three books to keep on my own bookshelf Now, two years later, I ve re read it and the feeling I got while reading it was nowhere near what I felt when I first read it Maybe it was because I had already read it before and knew what was going to happen Or maybe I ve just changed and I like different types of books now Who knows What I do kno [...]

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