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Revenge By MarkYoung Revenge When a trained killer threatens ex cop Travis Mays and those Travis loves he finds a skilled adversary and an unexpected fight After a high stakes gamble ends in personal tragedy Travis walks away fr
  • Title: Revenge
  • Author: MarkYoung
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  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Revenge By MarkYoung
    Revenge By MarkYoung When a trained killer threatens ex cop Travis Mays and those Travis loves he finds a skilled adversary and an unexpected fight After a high stakes gamble ends in personal tragedy, Travis walks away from years of training and a highly successful law enforcement career Determined never to look back, he starts a new life and a new career, teaching criminology at the universWhen a trained killer threatens ex cop Travis Mays and those Travis loves he finds a skilled adversary and an unexpected fight After a high stakes gamble ends in personal tragedy, Travis walks away from years of training and a highly successful law enforcement career Determined never to look back, he starts a new life and a new career, teaching criminology at the university and building a cabin in the idyllic Idaho Mountains He hires a beautiful river guide, Jessie White Eagle from the Nez Perce tribe, to guide him safely down the Lochsa The turbulence of the whitewater, however, is just the beginning of his troubles Travis finds himself in the crosshairs of a killer calling himself Creasy bent on revenge.This fast paced thriller takes readers on a wild ride down Idaho s whitewater rivers, along the historic Lolo Trails once tread by the Nez Perce nation, and onto the city streets of California Tighten your helmet This ride never stops until the last shot is fired and the final body falls.
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      Mark Young is a former police officer with the Santa Rosa Police Department in California for twenty six years an award winning journalist and a Vietnam combat veteran He served with several law enforcement task force operations, including the presidential Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force targeting major drug traffickers, and the federal Organized Crime Task Force charged with identifying and prosecuting prison gang leaders He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family Visit MarkYoungBooks for information about Mark Young and his writing Readers may also connect with him at hookembookem where mystery readers, writers and law enforcement connect.

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    • Check out my blog for reviews historicalfictionobsession.bloOne of the reasons I m happy that I finally started this book blog, and that I m getting and review requests by authors I ve never heard of, is because I am reading a lot of novels that I never would have looked twice at I have never been interested in crime, mystery, or suspense novels, but by accepting review requests I ve realized what I have been missing out on by not expanding my reading to a wider variety of genres before now.I [...]

    • Building his cabin near the Clearwater River in Idaho, Travis Mays hoped for solitude, peace renewal A cleansing of his soul Yeah, right And just how does an ex cop wash the darkness from his past when he holds himself responsible for the brutal death of the woman he loved He doesn t Can t.Not immersing himself in the criminology classes he teaches at Washington State University Or plunging headlong into the bracing white water rafting he s enlisted guide Jessie White Eagle to help him conquer C [...]

    • If you want a surprise ending, as in one you really can t figure out no matter how your try even if you create charts and graphs then Mark Young s debut novel, REVENGE is for you Travis Mays, a former northern California police detective now teaching criminology in college, is trying to escape his painful past The guilt of having sent Michelle Scarborough, a beautiful snitch to her death the woman he loved.Five years later when visiting his weekend summer cabin on the Lochsa River in Idaho he me [...]

    • After an incident five years ago, Travis Mays hangs up his police uniform and relocates to the Idaho Mountains There Travis teaches at the university on the topic of criminology Travis hires Jessie White Eagle to guide him down the river It seems that no matter where Travis escapes to, he can not escape trouble Jessie s brother, Tommy is missing Jessie s father is the police chief He asks Travis for his assistance It seems that with Travis s past comes an enemy who is stalking him Who will survi [...]

    • One of the better mystery thrillers I ve read for awhile Good character development, fast pace and tightly plotted Good sense of the setting, obvious knowledge of Native American background and law enforcement as well as western water rights problems, which often does not happen with books set in the modern west Since I lived most of my life in that general kind of setting, errors in location character background will turn me off a book very quickly It was not detailed, but what was there was do [...]

    • First Line Raindrops splattered the windshield as Travis Mays raised his binoculars.When an investigation goes horribly wrong, Travis Mays walks away from a highly successful law enforcement career and builds a new life Now a professor of criminology at a university in Washington state, he likes to spend time in the cabin he built in the mountains of Idaho Travis is even learning the fine art of kayaking from river guide Jessie White Eagle of the Nez Perce tribe But when Jessie s brother goes mi [...]

    • When the woman Travis Mays cares about is murdered, he blames himself and gives up his career as a detective He moves to Idaho, to a cabin along a river where he is completely disconnected no phone, no pager, no computer But when Travis decides to take a kayaking lesson on the river with Jesse White Eagle, a beautiful Nez Perce guide, he suddenly finds himself right in the middle of a new case that he was destined to be a part of.In Revenge A Travis Mays Novel, Mark Young weaves a thriller that [...]

    • Please note I read in Feb 2012 from a free copy provided by the author It was not exchanged for a review, but I wrote one anyway.My Synopsis Travis Mays worked for the Santa Rosa police department in California he was one of the their best investigators Then he became involved with Michele Scarborough, one of his confidential informants, and when she is murdered, something breaks inside of him He turns in his badge, moves to the Pacific Northwest where he splits his time between WSU in Pullman, [...]

    • Travis Mays walks away from his life in the police force after a sting operation ends in tragedy He moves from central California to middle of nowhere Idaho, where he teaches criminology at a Washington university to fund his life as a recluse in a small cabin One day he signs up for kayaking lessons his guide is the lovely Jessie White Eagle, a Native American of the Nez Perce tribe whose brother has recently gone missing What follows is a rather twisty tale of murder and deception I understood [...]

    • I was contacted by Mark Young who found me at the website He asked if I would read and review his book I gladly told him I would Thank you so much Mr Young for sending me your book to review It was excellent Travis is teaching at a University but gets asked to help out with a murder investigation He doesn t want to get involved He is a former cop and didn t want to go back into that that field Things happened that made him change careers Even though he doesn t want to be a part of the investigat [...]

    • Just when you thought you figured it all out, you re thrown for a twist Revenge follows ex detective, Travis May As bodies keep piling up the clues all seem to point to the case that caused Travis to leave the force As they rush to figure out who the killer is, Travis is faced with the ghosts of his past I loved this story from the beginning First off, I love a good mystery and Revenge delivered on that Even though I thought I had it all figured out, the author threw a curve ball in the end and [...]

    • This is the story of an ex detective haunted by the decisions of his past He is now a professor of criminology living in virtual seclusion in a cabin in the woods on a Native American reservation Now the past is creeping up on him and threatening those he loves and holds dear.This moved along at a slow pace but never flagged The story unfolded at a steady rate There was always plenty going on as we learned about the development of the back story of Travis past as the story went on I loved the b [...]

    • This novel was hard for me to rate On my own scale it would be somewhere between a 3 and 4 star rating The first 75% of the novel moved quickly and the last quarter kind of dragged I do appreciate he avoided one of the traps that annoys me about the genre characters doing things that a physically improbable As this is the first in his series about the main character Travis Mays he sets the back story for him He does create characters you can care about.I did have a problem with the villains They [...]

    • Travis Mays is a former cop, turned college Professor He is teaching criminology in Washington State and living in a cabin he built in Idaho weekends He turned in his badge because a woman he cared about, a CI, was murdered when sent back into a situation where he did not want her Jessie White Eagle is a river scout and guide whose father is the local Indian Police Chief She brings Travis into the case when her brother disappears The plot encompasses a Casino, snipers, academia, procedural polic [...]

    • 3 12 11 Just downloaded a sample at Smashwords Love the sound of the synopsis 3 15 11 As FDR would say GRAND Michelle was than a confidential informant CI and then she was gone and Travis, still haunted by nightmares, was starting all over Now he spends most of his time either at the cabin he built on the Clearwater River, Idaho or teaching criminology at the University.For five years he s stayed away from police work Now Jessie White Eagle s brother s body has been found on federal lands.

    • Random thoughts prior to full review.Long, long, long, but good Very well done, though a little choppy in terms of transitions here and there Overall, the story was a great mystery and the characters were all very likable I figured out who the main killers were fairly early on, but even so, it was still great I think it could have been shorter though There were about three times that I thought the novel was about finished only to find I still had a ways to go.

    • Though an indie author, Mark Young makes an average everyday Joe blend in well with his than average surroundings Only 2.50 on Definitely worth it Looking forward to his next O rourke novel Off The Grid was definitely a great book possibly a better read than Revenge I m keeping this guy in my sights Pun intended.

    • I really wanted to love this book and it started out quite well But the plot was overwrought with implausible connections obviously manufactured to make it complex And then the climax was ruined with one of those scream at the tv moments where the characters cannot see what is so obviously in front of them Still a decent read, just not a fave.

    • I very much enjoyed this book Characters were done well The author made me see the scenery in the book The story held my interest and has turns and twists I would label this book a thriller and who done it It held my interest and kept me turning the pages A truly good read I would recommend and look forward to reading from this author Great book story.

    • I thought this was a very good book I like suspense and this one definitely has a lot of anxious uncertainly about what may or may not happen The places in the book are accurately described and actually do exist Mark did a great job of keeping readers from figuring out who the bad guy is Good job, Mark

    • This is a great suspense book I am usually good at knowing who the bad guy is, and why they are bad in any given novel, yet this one kept me guessing until the very end The technical information was fascinating and it kept me up at night, as I could not put it down Great author I can t wait until his next book comes out.

    • It was a great introduction to what possibly is a series The characters were likeable and the action wasn t too predictable I did figure it out with about 30 pages or so to go Full review at Girl Who Reads.

    • First off, I am really out of practice reading police books Mark has delivered a great debut, with an intricate, multi layered plot Keep up with the details I loved his hero, Travis Mays and the unique setting and cultural backdrop that almost became a character itself.

    • I was able to get this book free on my kindle and was very impressed with itWill definitely be reading books by this authorThe book was a very well written,suspenseful mystery thrillerHighly recommend it

    • RevengeIf a story is one that I can t wait to get back to, that story is a five star story Revenge is one of those The plot is believable, the characters are likeable, and the action is non stop This is a roller coaster ride with a truly surprising ending.

    • A male friend recommended this novel I thought it would be too macho for me, but I loved it Lots of twists and turns.

    • Enjoyed the fast pace and tight plot Locations were described well allowing for a real feel for the Idaho mountains and streams Never really knew what would happen next

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